K9 Nose Work® w/ Maureen Dwyer

Nose Work® with Maureen Dwyer  

K9 Nose Work® is the fastest growing recreational sport open to ALL dogs, regardless of age, size, physical limitation or level of training. It provides physical exercise and mental stimulation. Dogs work one by one, allowing them to focus and learn. Natural behaviors are encouraged, which build confidence and drive in the game of scenting and searching. This sport strengthens the relationship with our canine companions, as we learn how they experience the world.               

Please bring to class:

  • Crate and blanket to cover

  • Smelly treats

  • Buckle collar or harness only 

Nose Work is open to all breeds of dogs. Reactive dogs welcome but if you have a reactive dog, please notify us of your dog’s reactivity.**In these “Intro Phases” we work on the dog’s understanding of searching in a given context. We will also begin handling techniques that will be carried through the Nosework caree

Introduction to K9 Nose Work® – is your first step into the world of scent work. This class will showcase how your dog uses their incredible sense of smell to locate food hidden in a box. Nose Work will build confidence in your dog, while expending mental and physical energy too! This is an opportunity for you to learn to read your dog’s body language and watch your dog have fun in this obedience-free zone! Working with boxes, builds the foundation that allows you and your dog to solve more complex search problems in the future.   **Requirements: A large quantity and variety of treats will be needed to “load” the search box. Small, soft pieces work best.

K9 Nose Work® Introduction to Odor – is a continuation of Nose Work where essential oils become the target odor. Your dog will learn this by the pairing of primary and scented q-tips. Essential oil of Birch, Anise and Clove will now become valuable!   **Requirements: Your dog is now successfully hunting for primary (food) in a variety of situations. They understand the game without the need to work with boxes. Completion of Introduction to Nose Work is needed or instructor approval.

K9 Nose Work® Level 1 – is a continuation of Nose Work where your dog recognizes odor and independently hunting in a variety of situations. The K9 team is now ready to pass an odor recognition test or practice skills required to compete at the NW1 level.   **Requirements: Completion of Introduction to Odor is needed or instructor approval.

K9 Nose Work® Level 2 – is a continuation of advanced Nose Work skills. The K9 team has earned their NW1 title and is now ready to prepare for the next level. **Requirements: NW1 title is needed or instructor approval.

**For ALL levels of Nose Work – dogs must be able to tolerate being crated inside the building or inside your vehicle (when cooler weather allows). Dogs not searching will be in crates at all times and out of the search area. Owners are required to bring their own crates to class. A flat buckle collar or harness (no easy walk harness) and a 6 foot lead or longer (no flexi-leads) is needed. A large quantity and variety of treats will be needed to reward your dog. Small, soft pieces work best. If your dog is toy motivated, bring their favorite toy to class

Starting Dates





 Level I 



7:00 PM

Maureen Dwyer

Register with permission of instructor only

Intro to Nose Work® STARTS 2/4/2022



Maureen Dwyer