Joseph’s Obedience Training

School Policy

  • Full payment for class is due with your completed registration. If a cancellation is made, a refund will be issued minus a $60 processing fee. This is applicable to all classes at our school. In an emergency situation where your dog is unable to start class, we can hold a credit for you in a future class. 

  • We do not offer make-up classes. If any classes are missed, please consult with your instructor about homework to stay caught up with the class.

  • If your dog is ill, please call the school before attending class. You must obtain a release from your vet before returning to class. No exceptions to this policy. You will be asked to leave the school if your dog arrives ill.

  • If your pup eliminates outside you are responsible for the clean-up. There are bags and a pooper scooper for your use, and a bucket to deposit in. Please be respectful of the premises to avoid issues with our neighboring businesses. 

  • In case of inclement weather, please refer to our website or Josephs Facebook page. There are no classes on major holidays. These include Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years.

  • The school is NOT responsible for articles left behind. We do, however, have a lost and found.

  • Please keep your pup on leash at all times. Do not let your pup off leash unless you’re instructed to do so by your trainer.

  • Trainers are subject to change.

For safety purposes do not let your pup approach or play with other dogs in the school or parking lot without the owner’s permission. It’s also good to practice social distancing with your pup to avoid spreading canine illnesses.